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Our 100 Year Street

Our 100 Year Street

Shortwork is working with Squash, an arts and health initiative in Liverpool that promotes creative health education through workshops, courses, events and training.

Squash is based in a beautiful community-designed low-energy building on Windsor Street in Toxteth which includes a healthy, affordable food shop and café + food growing garden; a community kitchen and an enterprise kitchen; a small cinema and making studio; and a lab for food experimentation and developing food produce & products. Squash also look after several food growing spaces along the street, the largest of which is the Grapes Community Food Garden next door to Toxteth TV.

Squash are committed to their community over the long term. Inspired by the lifespan of the apple trees planted in the Grapes Food Garden, Squash are developing a 100-year vision for Windsor Street and its surrounds. To mark the first decade of this plan, they are working on a participatory arts and mapping initiative with Manchester School of Architecture, artist Nina Edge, Memory Mapper, URBED and Shortwork. The project is funded by UK Research and Innovation as part of their Enhancing place-based partnerships in public engagement funding programme.

We are helping the team and community participants to reflect on the process, what they have learnt and how they want to take the project forward in the future through a light-touch participatory evaluation process.

We are really happy to support this fantastic work in a city that is close to our hearts.

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